Introduction to Logic

March 5, 2019

How do we do logic? Often times people think they know what a logical argument looks like even though they have absolutely no training in logic. 

Matt Graham one of our staff at Ratio Christi at CSU gives us a great introduction to how to and not to formulate an argument. 

Ratio Christi: Athiest Role-play with Matt Graham

February 8, 2019

This week at Ratio Christi Matt Graham did an Athiest role-play with us to see just how well we can hold our ground. This is a great opportunity for you to test your knowledge and see just how well you can hold your ground against a well-researched Athiest. 

The Reliability of Scripture.

December 13, 2018

This week is a podcast from a talk I gave at Ratio Christi on the reliability of the scripture. This is a sprint through the reasons we know we can trust the Bible as the word of God and how we know that what we have is actually the full word of God with nothing missing. Many people today think Christianity has cherry-picked the books that make up the bible to make a false religion and leaving out some stories that tell us the full truth. As you’ll see here there isn’t much reason to believe that notion.  

Ratio Christi: Evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus

December 6, 2018

Ever wondered if there is good evidence to believe Jesus rose from the dead? Have you ever considered just how central Jesus resurrection is to the Christian faith?

More and more I realize that we must help people understand just how central and altering Jesus rising from the dead is. If Jesus really did rise from the dead it is the single most important event in all of history and it's incredible to see how well we can know that this event actually happened!

Ratio Christi: Do Prophecies Happen? An examination of Daniel 7 and 8

November 20, 2018

Do prophecies really come true? 

Examine with me the ways that we see the prophecies of Daniel 7 and 8 have in fact come true. How neat is that?

Ratio Christi: Joshua and Genocide-How Cruel was the Old Testament God from Dr. Richard Hess

October 24, 2018

Dr. Richard Hess shares his vast expanse of Old Testament knowledge talking specifically about Joshua and what many view as the genocide... turns out it isn't that simple.

Ratio Christi- The Moral Argument for God - Matt Graham

October 24, 2018

Matt gives us a great explanation of the Moral Argument for the existence of God. He also breaks down one YouTube atheists rebuttal to the argument and how their argument breaks down. Finally, he ends by showing us the benefit of an abductive argument for God via morals.

Ratio Christi: How do we know Truth Exists?

October 1, 2018

Jill Graham shares with us the ways that we know that truth exists. 

Historical Case for the Resurrection

March 29, 2018

Ever wondered how to give a case for the resurrection of Jesus? I've been working on this talk for some time giving a quick and simple explaination for the reasons why we can trust that Jesus rose from the dead.

Put simply here are two facts of history that the most reasonable and Non-biased explaination is that Jesus rose from the dead. 1) He was crucified. 2) His followers believed he appeared to them after he died. 

For all the details check out the podcast.

Ratio Christi: Jonathan Cowles- Self Refuting Arguments

March 1, 2018

Jonathan shares an in depth look into self-refuting statements and even specifically on how the whole Materialistic worldview falls in on itself.